Citadel Alternative Care is a non-profit, medical cannabis delivery service originally founded in Sacramento, California. Our service is founded on a belief in exceeding expectations set in all facets of customer service, while creating an environment that positively enhances all life around us.

With top quality medication, and a vast selection of flower, concentrates, edibles, and tinctures, we can provide patients an experience like no other when ordering from a delivery service. We provide exactly what we believe the patient is looking for in safe, high quality, potent medication; with products derived from Northern California's finest growers, as well as various high-end concentrate and edible manufacturers based locally, in California.

Our employees are held to the highest standard, and perform at that level! Our staff provides compassionate care along with medical knowledge, feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.


How do I join Citadel Alternative Care and receive a medical marijuana delivery?

If you’re already an existing patient, you can place an order by visiting the menu page and adding products into your cart.

If you aren’t an existing patient, please visit the sign up page. We look forward to serving you!

Is Citadel Alternative Care a dispensary?

No. We provide our patients with exceptional delivery service and do not have a dispensary storefront.

What are your delivery hours?

Although we’re open everyday from 9am – 11pm, our team of drivers deliver from 10am – 10pm. Orders placed after 10pm will be delivered the next day.

Are there any specials?

Yes! Please refer to Weedmaps for our current specials.


How long will it take for my medical marijuana delivery to arrive?

Orders are filled on a first come, first served basis. Your ETA will vary depending on the volume of pending orders.